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Investments & Acquisitions

With more and more major hotel chains opting to lease hotel assets rather than own them, the hospitality sector in general offers attractive potential for investors. URAHL is ideally positioned to help both investors and property owners alike. It’s because we understand that ownership is closely tied to the underlying business potential and performance. We know how important it is to understand the dynamics of the hotel, leisure, and hospitality asset class. Acquisition Profile Hotels that meet the following criteria are professionally placed with financially strong institutional investors or private buyers from our network, as well as on the basis of specific search mandates.

We work with numerous investors and hospitality chains to match their interests with the right hotel development and acquisition projects. With our expertise in developing new hotels/resorts and providing hospitality management services, we are uniquely positioned to review the strengths and weaknesses of any potential acquisition target. We are able to assess the true potential of any hospitality asset class such as hotel/ resort / club / restaurant, etc., and find undervalued properties with big upsides. Our team is always looking to add existing hotels to our portfolio where we can increase the value of the asset through our management services. Our expertise includes developing a concept, the key terms linked to innovation and creativity, and the process of managing projects in hospitality be it constructing a hotel or implementing a major new F&B system or developing a project plan.

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The Integrated Approach

Numerous Hospitality

The URAHL Hospitality Platform has been instrumental in bringing together a large number of hospitality businesses that do not just provide accommodation but also many others who play the supporting roles. Be it hospitality infrastructure building companies, interior design companies, HVAC engineering companies, or tour or travel companies. This has led to our better and 360 degree understanding of the hospitality industry and thus positioning us uniquely to facilitate investments, M&A deals, strategic alliances or franchise agreements,

Integrated Technology

URAHL’S hospitality specific technology solutions in strategic alliances with the Sentry Hospitality Group and other IT companies have helped us integrate multiple end-to-end hospitality operational processes to create a robust and transparent system that provides great insight into any hospitality business that shares a relationship with the platform.

Large Investor

The URAHL management as well as our strategic partner SENTRY HOSPITALITY GROUP have commendable to access to a large investor base such as banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, Funds, PE Investors, VC’s, HNWIs, Family Offices across the globe. We understand investor interest much better than many and we can pitch an investment opportunity in a manner that would most likely meet investor expectation and draw towards a financial close. Our legal strengths also help formulate the best contracts suiting both parties to any deal.

Decades Long

Our Strategic Alliance Partner Sentry Hospitality Group has been in business for the last 30 years and has long experience in hospitality investments, mergers & acquisitions, hospitality project development and management. Sentry reviews all investment and M&A leads generated by URAHL exercising their award-winning approach to “project evaluations and team analysis” generating both market demand studies supported by their in-house financial investment return analysis project profiling thesis and responding with an accurate business plan and timeline agenda moving forward.

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Investors, as well as owners, need to sign up before they are able to log in and either search investment opportunities or register their hospitality businesses.

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Once logged in you need to select a membership package before you are able to search and view investment opportunities or you will be able to enlist all the details of your hospitality business.

3. Proceeding Towards Your Goal

The URAHL team will review all details and information you have listed prior evaluating the possibilities. Extensive due diligence will need to be carried out before pitching to investors.

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