why partner with us

the integrated approach

Digital Integration​

We help hotels/ resorts/ clubs/ guest houses/ home-stays integrate digitally with our hospitality platform.

Digital Integration​

We help design & develop websites and mobile applications for hotels, resorts, clubs, guest houses, and home-stays.

Operational Integration

We make multiple departments act as one, receive, dispatch, monitor, and analyze service requests with exceptional precision

Single Platform Solution

We give our clients access to the employment exchange, supply chain, investments, and M&A platforms

how it works

1. Create Account

You need to sign up as a Partner before you are able to log in and register your Hotel, Resort, or Home-Stay.

2. Enlist Details Through Dashboard

Once you log in you will be able to enlist all the details and add pictures of your Hotel, Resort, or Home-Stay.

3. Receive Bookings

Upon are approval your Hotel, Resort, Home-Stay will start receiving bookings from millions of travelers.

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